This, that or the other ...

Friday, and I am blinking my eyes wondering where the week went.  I remember being 14 and knowing it was going to be two years before I could have a drivers license.  I remember those two years as crawling by with agonizing slowness.  But now, the years flit by with disconcerting rapidity as I approach eternity, be it as dust or as or as a new creation.

Linda returned from the vet today with Annie-Annie, our black something or the other stray that followed her and Sherry home a few years back.  She was emaciated to a heartbreaking degree, and we slowly nursed her back to health.  But some of the damage was never healed, the worse being her knees on the back leg.  The vet today said the damage was severe and not going to get better, and surgery is the only option.  $3 grand later, and she will have a new set of knees. 

*sigh!*  There goes the new carpet.

When we undertake the responsibility for a pet, we know that it is a for better or for worse thing, and we don’t dispatch them just because it is cheaper or convenient.  Annie-Annie is young enough that the surgery will add greatly to the quality of her life, so ….
Not much else is happening on the homestead.  I have been looking at the house and yard with different eyes now that I am aging.  Big plans for a screened porch, a pool, a cottage garden and such, just doesn’t to be all that important now.  One never knows the day of their death, nor the end of their health, but the time is not afar off for either.

I have been slowly disengaging myself from the internet community for a year now.  But some of you are just too precious to let go of.  Strange stuff, this community.  So anyway, I have this site and a couple more on Blogger®, and will post updates on facebook.

I did get a drip irrigation system put in for my container plants and three hanging baskets of tomatoes.  Now watering my “garden” is merely a matter of turning on a timer.

The new congregation is expanding rapidly, just as I expected it to.  I am not at all certain what the ultimate size will be, but I should not be surprised if it settled in with about eight or ten families.  Linda has so missed congregational life since we have moved here, and is happily busying herself with various projects to enhance the congregation.  We are now meeting in a 20’ X 25’ storefront, but I see a time in the near future when we will need at least twice that space.

So that wraps it up this Friday morning as I watch the world out my studio window and sip that last cup of coffee.

Good morning!


  1. Dad did projects to improve the place or to make Mom happy up to his last day on earth. He was never happier than when puttering around. He would have done more except Mom took his power tools away. Glad the congregation is growing and going strong. Enjoy your day and your coffee.


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