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Sunday will mark the 5,574th year after God rested from seven days of labor.  Yeah, I have read the textbooks.  Science proves that the world is much older than 5600 years.  But stubborn Jews are going to go on living their lives as if G-d really did create the world 55 Centuries ago.

And I am just fine with the apparent conflict between science and religion.  I feel no necessity to reconcile the differences.  So these are the days of awe for Jews.  A time of reflection and examination in the ten days leading up to Yom Kippur.  The Day of Atonement.

Even if man has actually killed off God, it is good to take a time out of each year for a group self-examination of our relationship with each other.  Perhaps we could call it world peace day, or something.  Yeah, I know.  I speak as a fool.

The fall rains have returned this year, soaking into the parched soil.  They are a little tardy in coming, for the native grasses and many of the trees are damaged beyond repair by the relentless draught.  Still, we are grateful for the rains.  And the land may surprise me.  It has before.
I was up in the gloom before snookums today, so I had to wait a bit for the coffee, but she padded in just moments ago with a cup in her hand for me.  Godly woman she be.

The news is … Arabs riot!  Why are Arabs rioting? Why don’t the Arabs love us?

What fools we have in the press.  I am embarrassed for them.  And I am a little embarrassed at my own government.  Feckless.  We should just pull our embassies out of the world capitals, they are only a source of humiliation.  The moron we have for an ambassador in Egypt even disarmed our Marines by not issuing them ammunition.  Pah!

So here I sit, sipping coffee, peering into your world and wondering if you made that robe your wearing out of the upholstery of an old sofa.

Good morning!


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