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Well.  It is Sunday.  The day I rest from the day of rest.  Yeah … it is one Snookums inside jokes.
I feel so odd in my adopted home when I look outside at the weakened sunlight, yet the boughs and grasslands are still green.  I am not complaining, mind you.  Nevertheless, it was annoying to have to drag a coat around with me yesterday as the first cool weather of the year descended.
There is not much happening to bring you all up to date in my own life, but there are been many positive events happening in my friendship quadrant that brings me great joy.  I exult when my friends gain happiness, even though I know it is transitory.
But, ‘tis the season of mood swings for me, as I spiral into the long winters depression.  It is like a comforting blanket now that I have grown used to it.  I am beginning to realize that it is not necessarily an unproductive state, though often it is not a pleasant place to hang out.  It is a time of shedding shibboleths and illusions, and I grieve the loss of each one as I release my grip on them.
I tend to be morose at this time, and my friends start griping about the negative posts.  The griping hasn’t helped to decrease the state, but has made me less inclined to put my musings out for public viewing.  Hence, you will notice that I often go three and four days between posts.
I am counting the days until the election.  You would think that the world was on a knife-edge awaiting the choice of President.  But the world will continue on.  Nation will rise up against nation, the peacemakers will bleat, but the wars will continue. And I long to read news that isn’t connected to the election in some way.
I have already made up my mind who I am voting for against, but stubbornly refuse to vote early.  I think there should be a day when people vote, and I think they should have to get off their duffs and go to a polling place on that day.  Perhaps an accommodation should be made for military and those living overseas, but those accommodations should be very restrictive.
So!  There it is for this day.
Good afternoon!

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