Do not fersake me oh mah darlin'

I do not write well when my soul is unquiet, so I have not written in awhile.  I reached a point in pain that I did not want to talk about it anymore.  So I sit down to write this morning, and three paragraphs into the screed, I hit the delete key.

But I am still here … 

Grandpa (Pop) thought "High Noon" was the greatest film he has ever seen. Pops acting career was cut short when he was working as an extra in a Tom Mix film, and accidently shot Tom Mix in the temple with a blank round from his six-shooter, cold cocking Tom with the wax load.  He didn't know that even though there wasn't a bullet in the cartridge, there was still wax and paper wadding that came out of the barrel at warp speed.


  1. I did not know that about Pop. LOL. But I can believe it.

  2. I think Granny and Pop were a bit star struck. Poor Everette was hauled from studio to studio in the hope of him being a new child star. Pop did work as an extra on several silent and one or two talking oaters. I think he was one that always died in gunfights. He never said which films he was in, and seldom talked about it. The war happened shortly afterwards, and he went first to Pearl Harbor as a welder, then to Saudi Arabia as a master-mechanic.

  3. That's a fun memory. One of my favorite lines from Gallaxy Quest is when 'Guy' says "I'm the one who always has to die to prove things are serious."

  4. Interesting tidbit there...glad you returned to share this.!


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