Normal January Morning

It is noon as I begin to post.  Talk radio rumbles in the background, Kippur the budgie is taunting me, trying to get  me to interact with him. The giant pecan tree is waiving in the stiff breezes.  However, the oddest thing for January is the 72° temperature outside.  We are waiting for a violent storm to arrive sometime today, and we are hoping for a little rain from it, even if we do have to put up with tornados, hail, lightning and violent winds to get it.  But there is a good possibility that we will miss everything but the high winds.

I am losing patience with Blogster®.  My site is up and running with few hassles on BlogSpot®, and several of my friends have migrated there, so we have a growing community there as well.  I don't think we'll ever recapture that enthusiasm we had on Yahoo 360.  Mulitply® provided some of the enthusiasm, but the management never really had no interest in developing the community.  Blogster does have that interest, but I am not convinced they have the resources. 

So I think from here on, I will just post a link to my BlogSpot site and close off comments.
It is time to start to think garden again.  I need to get some tomatos started, and maybe this year put in a semi-permanent strawberry pot.  I hope to get at least a rudimentary irrigation system started as well too.  The seed catalogues have started arriving.  Spring lifts the winter doldrums and my spirits along with it.

I see the usual suspects in Congress are grandstanding an immigration bill.  They act as if we just discovered there was a problem.  I am learning a deep visceral hated for people who want to be my "leader".  The moment they decide to run for public office, we need to regard them with very thinly disguised contempt and wariness.

So goes the late January day … the Rabbi comes online, and it is now time to study …



  1. I have heard the "Amnesty" song and dance back in '86. We were promised secure borders in exchange. Flash forward to today. Our borders are still not secure and they are making the same stale promises. I say secure the borders FIRST then we can talk amnesty. JMHO

  2. Give them amnesty, Give them (freebee) citizenship, oh and give them Guns too.
    I hope we get the needed rain with out getting blown away today.
    Be well my friend!


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