12,074 pots of coffee later ...

Thursday morning zooms in, and will soon zoom out as the days flit by me faster and faster. Odd how time crawled when I was younger. The most agonizing period in my life was when I was fourteen, new how to drive, and wasn’t permitted to except on exceptional occasions like taking a load of oats to the mill for rolling. It was an æon from fourteen to sixteen and I could get my driver’s license. Then there was the military. It was a slow motion unending hell.

But now, the years whip by in disconcerting rapidity. I feel like a transient here in my newly adopted home State, though I have now been here six years. Summer comes and goes, winter comes and goes, my siblings have children, their children have children and I cannot keep track of all the changes.

A wag once said that time was an invention of God’s to keep everything from happening all at once. Perhaps we get closer to God as we age, and don’t need so much time to take things in. Yeah, I know. I speak as a fool. I seem to do a lot of that now.

The morning is a soft morning, sunshine is abundant, the air a crisp 45°. Snookums returns from her dog walking, happily red nosed and huffing. I cannot believe that it is time to mow the verges already. The rye is sprouting, the wildflowers are already sending up stalks, and the arid Texas landscape slowly awakens to spring.

Today, I visit the two local papers to buy ads for our upcoming Passover observance, cut up a broken tree branch, and pick up parts to fix a toilet. Life goes on, one generation follows another, and I savor the coffee from Snookums flawless 12,074th pot of morning coffee.

Good morning!


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