A fond hello!

I posted this over at Blogster ... I guess that will serve as a reintroduction here!

I am just too acerbic and combative for social sites and decided to return to my roots as a journal writer and leave the socializing to others. Not that I don’t have my social moments, but I really am not one for genteel speech. I am a bit too direct, and will push back if you use a dismissive tone with me.

I think I will feel freer to say what is on my mind on a less interactive site. I find myself walking on eggshells around too many people on Blogster® because of their hypersensitivity.

Anyway … I am back on Blogger® and probably WordPress®. WordPress is a bit easier for me to use, but it has started that damnable practice of putting adds on private pages. Blogger is an antique among blogs, and now navigating around it is like any typical Google site. The graphics suck, the menus are useless, and the instructions nonexistent. But it is a site I have had for a good number of years. I actually have three sites there, but one is sort of parked, and another is very private for collaborative works.

I was just thinking of slipping out the back door without so much as a goodbye, but when I set my pages to private because there isn’t a delete me feature on Blogger, I received a spate of friend requests. I was surprised and humbled at the following I had. Still, I don’t think I want to continue the debate here. I never quite caught the warm fuzzies in here that I had when I first started blogging on Yahoo 360.

I think that era is long past now, and I doubt that I will find the huge pool of likeminded people I found there. So onwards and onwards.

If you wish to follow me, I am at rustys-armory.blogspot.com

I hope to see some of you there, but if not, I wish you all a fond farewell!

~ Rusty


  1. Hi ~~~~there are the living among us here....

  2. hi there! I always enjoyed your writing, but you're right, Blogster has quite a few delicates, I'm pretty blunt myself...but for the most part I have fun over there. I do have a blog here too, not much to write about lately. In any event, thanks for putting up a link.


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