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Breakfast and watering day today.  Summer is here in all its fury, but the prophets of weather are saying that the drought has ended.  So I am watering areas that last year I let go dormant when the water restrictions were declared.
Started out with a quick check of my new site, facebook, emails etc., then on to watering the containers of miscellaneous look pretty stuff.  It was a breeze this morning, crack the water faucet and set the timer to 15 minutes, and slowly one gallon per hour starts dripping into the pots.  I am looking into filling the bird bath the same way as we have martins and other birds that really like catching drops of water rather than dipping into the fountain.
The old blood sugar is climbing again, and I am going to have to make some adjustments there with the meds and diet.  I can tell when it is high because my nearsightedness disappears, and I need readers to see what is on the monitor.  Paradoxically, my farsighted vision improves, and I can drive without glasses and the sunsets are so much sharper.
But that didn’t stop me from making sweet waffles today.  I figure I have already blown it with the maple syrup, so another half teaspoon of sugar that is in my portion isn’t going to change things much.  I cook on weekends, but it is an easy task.  On Friday night, Linda prepares the Shabbat meal.  It is always a one pot meal that we eat both Friday and Saturday evenings.  The shul (synagogue) provides lunch for us on Saturday, and breakfast is just toast and coffee.  So my two days is of cooking is reduced to one.
And as the sun climbs another 15º of arc in the summer sky, I close.  Good Morning!
~ George
“Rusty Armor” 

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