OK … reviving this old blogger site now that all my multiply ID’s are deleted. Not adding much here, just testing to see how the formatting is going to work.  Blogger is even more temperamental than multiply was, and it looks like it is going to take a lot of tweaking to get it operational.

Still not sure if the cross posting is going to work, but I’ll keep tinkering with it.

The first hot day of summer finally arrived today.  I am glad I have most of my automatic watering plumbed in, only a few hanging plants need tubing ran to them.  It was a pleasure today to sit out with my Kindle in the last hour of daylight while the water is slowly dripping into the permanent landscape planters.


  1. so,,, "Rusty" how does the tubing to the hanging plants work? i have several and never really thought about automatic drips for them.

  2. They sell 1/4" drip tubing kits, or you can just buy a roll of tubing and clips to route it. The tubing is so small that you hardly notice it. I put mine on a timeer because in this heat some of the more tender plants need two and three waterings a day ...

  3. Thanks for letting me in on this place. I also have a blog spot which I shall try to maintain a wee bit more.


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