A morning ramble of no consequence.

9-11 has become the Pearl Harbor of my generation.  It slowly fades into history and an example of yet another outrage visited upon us, and in my time will be reduced to a three-paragraph blurb in whatever serves for a textbook.  Most of the blogging community has had something to day about the day, though.  I dunno.  I wanted to make a pilgrimage to the site, but never quite got the trip together.  I am not so sure I want to go see the monument they made to it, though.  By all accounts it is striking, but I think it sanitizes the travesty.  Anyway, this is just one old cranks opinion.

The heat has broken; watering is on the agenda today  as is getting new glasses to replace the missing ones.  How the hell do you lose a pair of glasses in your house?

I am a little mind numb today, so I will be welcoming the flurry of activity.  It is one of those one hour (read three) places where I buy them.  Then over to Sam’s Club to pick up some folding chairs for the synagogue.  Our little group is rapidly growing.  Soon we will be too large for our store front and we will need to find larger and more permanent quarters.  I think that is good.  Perhaps.  Maybe.  Bigger is better goes the conventional wisdom in congregations.

Our little ball of destruction tore off a chunk of wallpaper today.  Beagles have to be the most destructive dogs alive.  Ah well.  It is a cute destroyer.

As a family, we are down to just the two of us now.  We have always had long-term guests who became ‘family’ in time.  So we officially empty nesters now.  Even on our wedding night, we brought home a stray who stayed with us for several months.  I am banging around in the added space. 

I moved my studio to the north side of the house so that I can watch the front door for deliverymen and Lookie Lou’s.  We are in a somewhat paranoid cul-de-sac of military and first responders who cast a wary eye on anyone who casually drives through.  So far the only crime has been the siphoning of gas.  We suspect it was a construction  crew that did it, so the firearms remain secured.
Anyway … out of the PJ’s and into the mommy van for a trip to town.  I hope your day is a good one.


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