Dancing around gay marriage ...

A morning blog.  Right off the bat this morning, my new blogfriend, Chovhani hits me with the “what’s wrong with gay marriage?” controversy.  I don’t resent her asking.  The question is going to have to be answered by us all eventually.  I do resent it being an issue in this day and time of a reckless world teetering on the brink of … yada yada yada.
I am using the universal you in this diatribe.  I don’t mean you.  You is just a literary device, not a personal attack, because I likely don’t know who you are that is reading this. 
Anyway.  Onwards.
Ho hum.  OK … personally, I don’t care what the gays do.  I really don’t.  Their lifestyles impact me zilch because (do I dare to say this?)   “I REALLY DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO.  JUST LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!”.  If I run with gays, work with gays, worship with gays, I don’t know it and I am just fine not knowing, thank you. 
The only objection I might have to not knowing is with my children.  I want to be the one to impart them with ideals, not yours.  If I wish that my children treat [GLBT] (can I say glibt’s?) with compassion, “I” will impart that knowledge to them.  Ergo, your philosophy in that instance is important to me.  You may be spot on with your beliefs, but quite frankly, I don’t trust you to raise my kids.  I hope you don’t mind me saying this.
If you are a Boy Scout leader, your sexual proclivities are of consuming interest to me when it concerns my kid.  If you are a school coach who has my child, your lifestyle, your philosophy in life, your personal integrity is my business.  One whiff of deviancy from the norm, and I will be inspecting you to a very uncomfortable degree.
However, since my kids are raised, it is a moot point.  Ok … my grandkids then.  Onwards with the marriage issue.
I married my bride because it was required within the tenets of my religion.  Other than a few legal issues with transfer of benefits and such, a government license wasn’t a necessity for us.  What was important that it was a covenant between me, my wife, and a God that I believe in, hence vows were made before that deity. 
I find the idea that government can license marriage reprehensible.  It would solve the entire issue if the government would decide that whatever people’s lifestyle was, it isn’t governments job to license it.  But I speak as a fool.  That camel has been inside the tent a long time now, and won’t be dislodged by anything less than a bloody revolution.
In my perfect world, a priest, preacher or rabbi would sanction a marriage, and the government would be required to recognize it, sans license or other fees.  The same for the glibst.  They could find a homosexual friendly religion that would issue the fons, and the state would be required to recognize that document.  Atheists could find a Social Engineer or something, and discuss the terms with each other, the Engineer would make sure that their agreements were “rational”.
Anyway … I am spent with the argument.  This is the first day that the relentless summer heat has broken.  Time to renew my commitment to the yard for the next eight or ten weeks.
Snookums is off “gathering her food from afar”, my ever industrious Asian neighbor is clearing a cedar thicket along a shared fence line, the pungent smell of burning cedar tells me that fall is near and it is time to clear the land again of broken limbs.
Conservative radio intrudes on the hazy day.  The cicada’s aren’t buzzing anymore, the mourning doves aren’t singing their mournful dirge.  The sun is noticeably weaker today.  Like the season, my life has entered into the Autumn.  With age, I view my generations idealism with amusement.  I wonder if this generation will get that luxury.
Good morning …

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