Beans and fire-ants

Beans, beans, the musical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot
The more you toot, the better you feel
So let’s have beans at meal!

So last night for our Shabbat meal, Snookums made her killer chili.  Before we retired, we attended services on Friday evenings.  We had an iron clad rule: No beans on the Shabbat.  But she felt that since we are now retired, so was the rule.

Unfortunately, now I am also sans gallbladder, and so hard to digest things like beans take on an added dimension.  Not trying to be indelicate here, but sometimes the relieving wind contains more than flatulency.  So this morning I made an executive decision.  We’ll stay home this morning because I am not so sure that I can sit out the three hours.

So what does one do on this day of rest?  All week long, I look out my window and see uncompleted tasks awaiting me.  But something always seems to take precedence.  Then a day of rest comes, and I can barely hold myself back from my fire-ant killing.

Speaking of fire-ants.  These little invasive buggers have lowered the poisonous snake population because they are also voracious eaters of baby toads, snakes favorite food.  Field mice populations are down too.  I suppose that is upsetting things in the total ecological system as the owl population thins, the turkey buzzards have to range wider, and the butterfly effect takes place.[1]

I now officially have three writing projects going.  Akashaic is on hiatus while I sort out the entangled timeline, Shaman in the Sagebrush is a less intense work where a complete essay can be knocked out in a couple of hours, and lastly, Seduction of a Friar is still in the conceptual phase.

All-in-all, things are good here in the wildlands, today. Hope your day is a good one too!


[1] The idea, often expressed in writings on Chaos theory, that small changes in one part of a system can produce unpredictable large changes in another part - thus a butterfly flapping its wings in South America might trigger a snowfall in New York.

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