Wow.  Friday already. 

It is scary how I seem to be running pell-mell toward Thanato’s scythe.  I remember being fourteen and having to wait two more years for a driver’s license.  Those two years ground by with agonizingly slowness.  Now that I wish to savor the fruits of my labor and watch the world drift by, I feel like I am watching it from the window of a bullet train.

I tried to stay out of the election this year having already decided whom I was going to vote against this year.  So I missed the first debate, but the fever caught up with me and I watched the veep debates and then the last Presidential debate.  Debates rarely win elections.  Mostly because the so-called independents are not truly independent.  They just don’t publicly commit themselves.

And the pollsters have concluded that people *gasp!* LIE to them.  Hallelujah.  That restores my faith in humanity.  The other thing that they have discovered is that Conservatives do not often answer polls, and in the past they have under-counted the Conservative vote by as much as 4 points.  Even now, they factor a fudge correction in rather than make an extra effort to poll Conservatives.

So in some of the bigger upsets, like the Republicans winning the House of Representatives and Bush Jr.’s win against Gore, the press and pollsters were in shock!

Anyway … here I am in the midst of pundits and nabobs in the press, warring polls, and I am also privy to insider counts.  In spite of all that, nothing predicts what the people will do in the so-called battleground States.

Bleah.  Let’s hold the election and get it over with. 

The sun has returned, and I happily look out on the freshly mowed acreage. It takes about five hours to properly mow it, but I usually spread it out over two days.  Mowing seems to bring order to my life.  Odd.

Not much else going on this week as one more Holy Day arrives, bringing its own duties.
Hope this day finds you in as good of a mood as I am in.


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