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Thursday already.


Kippur the budgie wakes with me today.  Snookums forgot to open the blinds for him this morning, so it became my chore. She so seldom forgets things on her routine list that it is quite easy to forgive her this lapse.  So the stupid bird wakes an hour late‽


It rained last night, but not enough to soak the parched ground. But the land is a very forgiving land, and will spring forth with succulent spring plants and wildflowers.  I try to leave a patch of ground unmowed just to show them off, then mow them under when they get ratty.


The new mutt ate the bark off an expensive tree rose out back, effectively killing it.  At five months old, I have to expect this sort of behavior out of her.  But Jenna is cute, mischievous and loving, so her destructiveness is quickly forgiven.


I need to get out soon and turn the annual beds over.  It will be planting time for them soon.  The tomatoes are potted and set in the guest room for the morning sun as soon as they sprout.  I suspect that they will be going outside every morning very soon for extra sun and hardening.


The yard is calling to me as well.  I need to repair the sprinkler system, wire in the carports for lights and power, gather the wasp traps up and refresh them before the queens start flying and finish putting a breaker into the panel for the new outdoor circuits.


And the accountant, bless her little heart, has my taxes ready.  Every year, I sweat, worrying if it is the year that I didn’t put in enough withholding.  But again this year, I overpaid the withholding.  Texas doesn’t have income taxes, but they do kill you on property and sales taxes.  I pay the lowest rate as a geezer, homesteader and farmer, but it still works out to about a dollar an hour if I were a working man.  A dollar an hour to insure that the trooper who gives me a speeding ticket gets his salary.


So’s anyway.  The sun climbs another 15° into the pale sky, Scooter the mailman leaves his daily load of circulars, bills and occasional letters, the temperature rises to 60°, and I must make the long trek to the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee.


Good morning!




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  1. I always manage to underpay withholding it seems. Last year my stupid $50 underpay cost me over $100 in penalties. A POX on Government!


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