Concerto for Violin and Oboe

Concerto for Violin and Oboe



Concerto for Violin and Oboe plays in the background on Pandora®, Kippur the budgie quietly chirps and mumbles along.  He is not a big fan of classical music. He could listen to 50’s rock all day. The bird just needs to boogie. But I can only handle about 45 minutes of any genre of music before the noise gives me a headache. I am not a big music fan. I could go for days without listening to a musical performance. It seems that the more unquiet my soul is, the less I am able to process noise.

But now I have a parakeet. Parakeets in the wild live in a noisy environment, and to put one into a quiet house can cause acute depression in them. So I keep some sort of noise going during the day. Mornings it is classical, mid mornings it is talk radio, and evenings it is *groan* classic rock. I used to pad down the long hallway to my studio, coffee cup in hand, open the blinds and take in the neighborhood. Then it was check the emails and blogs, then set down to writing a journal if my soul is quiet enough to produce one.

Now, when I sit down, Kippur sidles up to the cage and stares at me until I turn the noise on. Then he squawks, fusses, trills, chirps and fights with his toys in happy counterpoint.

Friday rolls around again, and my “job” on Friday afternoons is to prepare the little storefront synagogue for Shabbat. It doesn’t take long, and I can skip some steps if I am pressed for time. But I look at the time as self-preparation for the Shabbat too. I am retired, so most of my days are spent at rest. I need a little labor so that I can rest up from my labor on Shabbat. Confused?

And good boy me, I have my taxes filed, though I now discover that the Feds are behind in their processing. Damned government has lots of time to pass new tax legislation, but can’t draft a budget. And they want to tell us what is good for us. A pox on them!

Life goes on in rural Texas, I slowly heal from my wounds, and learn the skills necessary to survive as a senior citizen. Who knew that would be a skill?

Good morning!


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